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Illya Arnet

Hi Patricia
I was moved by your account of the last few weeks. I hadn't really reflected on the process of communication and growth of the group as I have been trying to order these changes, this shift in paradigma as it were, in my head. I have had quite a few discussions about the reasons for implementing webtools and the possibilities in opening up beyond the classroom and encouraging learners to find there voice. THere are many reasons why teachers choose to not do so, especially time and energy involved. I counter with many reasons already discussed at several times and places. You, however, have given me a further reason and encouragement.
Without such good moderators, ones who are even able to take a back seat in order to let the group grow, this developmentcertainly wouldn't have been possible in such a short time.
Thank you!!!


Hi Patricia, me again ... Nice account of what we have shared in the past weeks. I wish we all had more time to go through this process more deeply and vividly, but these six weeks are always very intense, most participants register in more than one session and there are lots of possibilities all over the place.
Very true, OWP has become a community of practice of mindlike colleagues learning from one another and I think you and Bee kicked us up to a great start and scaffolded our transition. Fortunately for us, this is a really small group with few messages and that has helped me reduce my stress and cope with the amount of work here.
I hope you participate in BaW next year. It is a hectic but very unique experience because the session touches upon too many different aspects of online teaching and learning ... so there is always something to learn, something to share, something to reflect about.
As I said, I hope we meet and have coffee someday. I will be leaving in June.

Warm regards in after-storm snowcovered but sunny Toronto,

José Luis Cabello

Congratulations for this blog full of interesting ideas and information about CALL.
I have taken the liberty of adding your blog to a suprglu site: http://eslblog.suprglu.com
If you don't want your blog to be there, please tell me.

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