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I am an ESL instructor based in Toronto, Canada. I have an MA in History of Education and a TESL Certificate from the University of Toronto. Right now, I am a graduate student in Applied Linguistics at York University. I have been teaching ESL for 9 years. I taught in a private language school, at the Toronto District School Board, and, currently, I am teaching in the Academic Preparation Program at York University English Language Institute. I have also been involved in teacher training for teachers from China and Mongolia. My main pedagogical interest is in using technology to enhance ESL learning and teaching. I have incorporated blogging, audioblogging, podcasting, and online discussions into my ESL courses.

My personal philosophy of teaching is best reflected in this quotation:

“From the post-formal, new paradigmatic perspective the well-prepared teacher is not one who enters the classroom with a fixed set of lesson plans but a scholar with a thorough knowledge of subject, an understanding of knowledge production, the ability to produce knowledge, an appreciation of social context, a cognizance of what is happening in the world, insights into the lives of her students, and a sophisticated appreciation of critical educational goals and purposes.”

(“Unauthorized Methods: Strategies for Critical Teaching” Joe L. Kincheloe and Shirley R. Steinber, Editors).

This blog's title comes from Krashen's Monitory Hypothesis "The Monitor hypothesis: The learned system should have the purpose to self-monitor production. It is somehow related to the goal that the learner may be able to identify and correct mistakes or ask for help and reflect on the process of acquisition."


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