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Hi, dear Patricia,

It is pleasure to read your latest article, facebook and I.
I was addicted to facebook for few months because I was bored and losing my direction at that time.
I was looking for somebody to talk with or probably to reduce my feeling of loneliness from msn, email, facebook, and etc.
Actually the feeling was complex. I checked msn and facebook everyday or even every moment.
Later, you told me you was absent from facebook almost a month in that message.
That was kind of a sign for me to go back to a normal life without facebook.
I felt much better without it honestly.
After I read your articles, I found it is very helpful to read your articles.
That improved my reading and vocabulary.
The way you wrote them is kind of a academic way for me to read them easier(I am not sure what way you wrote, i just guess).
It is as when I read Time magazines, I felt I am a western person to read magazines in my mother language, but I had no this feeling when I read the magazines which are published to improve English.
It will be a hard work to write articles on website every few days.
In conclusion, for a student as me, it is much helpful to read your articles or time magazines than use facebook.
I am sure i made a lot of mistakes in this mail.
Please forgive the degeneracy of my English. =)

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